Sioux Falls Native Stranded in Mexico After Airline Cancels Return Flights


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – This weekend’s blizzard spanned across the tri-state area, it also made an impact in the Twin Cities.

The Minneapolis airport was shut down in Saturday’s weather event.

Now, a Minneapolis-based airline is under fire for reportedly abandoning passengers in Mexico due to the blizzard.

It was supposed to be a relaxing 8-day vacation in Cabo for Sioux Falls native Taylor Reaves and her boyfriend, who booked the all-inclusive trip months ago, after she finished law school.

The trip itself was everything they hoped for, the two even got engaged.

But once it was time to head home, that’s when the nightmare started.

“We knew it was snowing there, too, so we had a pretty good idea that there were going to be delays. And then that was when I checked, I thought I’d go online to Sun Country and check out flight status, and it just said canceled,” said Reaves.

She tried contacting Sun Country Airlines over the phone, but couldn’t get through.

Well aware of the blizzard, she and her now fiancée figured the airline would help re-book them once the storm cleared up.

“Basically we woke up this morning and there was nothing. An then, I got a Snapchat from my friend,. One of the news articles it just said ‘Sun Country Abandons Passengers in Mexico’ and we knew that that was us.”

They weren’t alone. Hundreds of passengers reached out to Sun Country on Facebook, after they couldn’t get a hold of anyone on the phone either.

The airline’s response shocked some, telling them to find another airline to get back home.

“There’s nothing on their end. They aren’t sending any more planes because they hadn’t planned to, because it was the end of their charter season. So they just aren’t going to.”

Realizing they were now stranded in Cabo, Taylor and her fiancé scrambled to make other arrangements that came at a hefty price.

“Luckily, there were only four seats left on this Alaskan Airline and so we booked it for Wednesday. I’m an hourly employee, so I don’t get paid for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday now and my boyfriend has to use all of his PTO for the year, unexpectedly.”

For the last minute tickets and extra days in a hotel, the couple is out nearly $2,000, with still no response from the airline that left them there.

“To have no response to the people who saved up for this vacation, it really makes me want to advocate as a lawyer is all.”

Sun Country is offering refunds to everyone whose flight was cancelled.

Although claims have to be made within the next seven days, and many passengers say, they still can’t get anyone from the airline on the phone.

Taylor says she not optimistic about receiving refunds for her canceled flights.