Snow Crews Racing to Clean Up Record-breaking Snow Storm

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The big blizzard of 2018 may be over, but the real work is just getting started for snow crews. They’re taking on the tall task of cleaning up fifty miles worth of roads after a record-breaking snow storm. Sioux Falls saw 14 and a half inches of snow on Saturday with dangerous winds.

Sioux Falls snow crews are picking up the pieces from a perfect storm. The sun is finally coming out after on Saturday night’s storm. It was something even seasoned professionals hadn’t seen before – especially in April.

“We are now at over 24, 25 inches of snow just for the month of April, and take that into perspective as we only receive on the average 44 inches of snow during the entire winter,” said Galynn Huber, the street manager.

The lack of visibility and dangerous conditions meant it wasn’t just too risky for civilians to be driving – it was too dangerous for the plow operators, too – a rare occurrence.

“In twelve years, we’ve never taken any of our operators off city emergency routes,” said Huber. “We did this weekend.”

It’s uncommon to see such a heavy, wet snow in April. With colder temperatures, these turn into large ice blocks. Then, these can be cumbersome and a hassle to break up.

“You can’t go in there and try to muscle a great big piece of ice ball like this if you’re going to do it by hand or with a shovel,” said Huber. “You have to break that stuff into pieces.”

Huber says it wasn’t just the thick, relentless snow. It was the wild 50 mile per hour winds that took this storm to a new level.

“This is probably the second-worst snow storm I’ve had to deal with in 12 years,” said Huber. “You know, in 2009, 19-inch snow storm on Christmas Eve (was) probably tops my list, but this one was equally as bad.”

If you see snow crews on the streets today, Huber says to give them extra space. They’re racing to clean house before the next April snowfall.

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