Mayoral Candidates Share Goals If Elected

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Two weeks from now, we should know who will be the next mayor of South Dakota’s biggest city. Paul TenHaken and Jolene Loetscher say they’re low on sleep but high on enthusiasm as they campaign for your votes.

Both candidates are sporting big endorsements. For example, a number of city councilors, both past and present, have endorsed Loetscher.

Councilor Pat Starr voiced his support on Wednesday afternoon.

“When you look at these lists of names of women and men that have led Sioux Falls to this incredible point that we are now, and for them to say that we believe that I am the right choice for the future of Sioux Falls – that is amazing,” said Loetscher.

Someone who’s called the mayor’s office home himself is endorsing TenHaken.

“It means a lot to me when I have someone like mayor Dave Munson who knows what it takes to sit in the mayor’s office, and the type of demeanor and communication and leadership style that’s needed,” said TenHaken.

Some voters may have not voted for TenHaken nor Loetscher initially. The top two contenders know that voters will be asking themselves the tough questions when they head to the polls.

“Who’s the best leader and CEO for a 185,000 person city?” said TenHaken. “And I have the executive experience and the leadership experience.”

“Who has come out with the best plan for supporting trust and transparency?” said Loetscher. “That’s us. Who has already proven themselves to be the strongest when it comes to keeping our families safe and not needing to be on a ballot to do that? And that’s me.”

Neither of the candidates have government experience, yet, but they’ve got dreams. On Wednesday, TenHaken released a list of 12 goals he plans to accomplish during his first 100 days in office. The top three are combating drug crime, building entrepreneurship, and attracting workers to the city.

“I’ve laid a lot of groundwork with a lot of organizations so that when day one hits, I’m not having to learn from the ground up,” said TenHaken.

Loetscher wants to promote transparency first and foremost. She also wants to build around the Premier Center and roll out precinct-focused policing with a focus on family safety.

“In the eyes of my daughter, I knew I had a responsibility to give her more opportunities than I have had,” said Loetscher.

It’s been eight years since there was last a run-off election for mayor. You can cast your ballot on May 1st.

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