Sioux Falls Searching for Artists to Paint Storm Drains

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – When harmful chemicals and environmental waste find their way into a storm drain, they eventually end up in the Big Sioux River.

Sioux Falls is looking to raise awareness through artwork. The city is looking for five talented artists to paint storm drains.

One of those spots is reserved for an artist that’s under 18.

Jessica Sexe from the Environmental Division of Public Works says it is a fun way to celebrate local art and make people think twice about littering.

“We want to work with our artists in the community,” said Sexe. “We have so many talented people in Sioux Falls to draw attention to these storm drains, that people take a second look when they’re walking by them and hey, you know, some of that goes down there. That piece of litter that I just saw, that could end up in our river.”

 The artists will receive $200  for their time.

 The paint and supplies will be covered, too.

 May 14th is the submission deadline.

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