Sioux Falls School’s Handle Rise in Juul E-cigarettes

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A type of e-cigarette called Juul is becoming popular among teens, many are under 18 and are using the product illegally in South Dakota. Some say the way the e-cig is designed can fool teachers and principals, but schools districts are cracking down.

Sioux Falls School District Assistant Superintendent Jamie Nold says “Juuling” is the newest fad making its way into middle and high schools and they want parents to know about.

Juul is a smaller type of e-cig. There’s also less smoke and a very faint scent compared to other vape products making it easy for students to use it in school.

“The companies that produce that, they’re going to do it in different ways so that kids can hide whatever they’re using, which is unfortunate at times but kids become very savvy to that, so obviously we want to keep those things out of our school,” said Nold.

One Juul pod contains as much nicotine as a full pack of cigarettes. Experts say Juul can be addictive and increase the risk that a teen will smoke cigarettes.

Sandra Williams-Luther knows the damaging effects cigarettes can have on a person’s health. her husband smoked for years. Vaping helped him quit which is why they opened up Vape Blown Away Glass.

“We got into the vape business to help people stop smoking,” said Williams-Luther.

Which is why she says it’s unfortunate that kids are getting their hands on them.

“Teenagers manage to get ahold of things they shouldn’t,” said Williams-Luther.

Nold wants students to remember that there are consequences for sneaking e-cigarettes into school. Students who are caught will be suspended.

“If you see something say something. That goes all the way through with safety to things that should not be in the schools,” said Nold.

Juul Labs says it “strongly condemns the use of its products by minors.” In most states including South Dakota, stores are not permitted to sell e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18.

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