Someone You Should Know: Sioux Falls Family Walks for a Cure to Diabetes

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The JDRF One Walk is this Saturday. It’s an event to help raise money towards type one diabetes research and to find a cure. Type one diabetes is when the pancreas produces little to no insulin, so people have to watch their blood sugar levels to make sure it’s not too high or too low.

The Wilde family is our ‘Someone You Should Know’ for the week. They have participated and volunteered for five years at the JDRF One Walk. This event is so important to them because two of the five family members have type one diabetes, husband Mike and his daughter Bridget.

“It’s a really fun experience, especially knowing that there are so many people that are interested in diabetes and interested in helping to cure the disease or make it easier to live with,” said Bridget Wilde.

“You know walking for a good cause, networking, we just happen to do this weird thing where we have no issue shoving needles in our body and things like that, so we’re fine with it if you’re fine with it,” said Mike Wilde.

Monica Wilde wanted to know everything she could about type one diabetes for her husband and daughter and has gotten very involved in volunteering for jdrf and other diabetes events. Now the entire family is involved.

“It’s really nice having them all around supporting me just cause I feel like it makes the disease a lot easier to have,” said Bridget.

The 35 years Mike’s had diabetes he says a lot has changed thanks to money raised at these events

He now has  a continuous glucose sensor he can tape to his body. There’s also an app so that tells him his blood sugar level. All family members have access to view this information on their own phone incase him or bridget  forget to check theirs.

The family appreciates all the support from people at the walk.

“It means a lot, especially cause there’s so many people trying to help make the condition easier to have and it’s just a supportive place to be,” said Bridget.

“Its nice that there’s support out there and there is awareness and that other people are supporting us,” said Monica.

They say will continue to walk not just for their family but because they want to help all families with diabetes, so that hopefully one day we’ll find a cure.

Last year the event raised more than 125 thousand dollars. The Wilde family hopes to see people out at the event saturday to help raise even more.

The JDRF One Walk is Saturday April 28th at the Sioux Falls Arena. Check in is at 9 a.m. and the walk starts at 10:30. It’s a one mile walk. Their goal is to raise 220 thousand dollars.

For more Information contact: Tammy Beintema (605) 312-6438, or visit the JDRF website here. 



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