Sanford Researchers Present at Global Health Conference With Pope

A 12-member delegation from Sanford Health is in Vatican City this week for the Unite to Cure: A Global Health Care Initiative. Researchers from Sanford are presenting on a variety of diseases and topics, including the future of healthcare systems, genetic testing, and advancements in treating rare diseases. Chief Global Brand Officer, Micah Aberson, told KDLT News that this is incredible exposure for Sanford Health as their team will be working alongside and presenting before an audience of top researchers, academics, philanthropists and business people from around the world interested in the topics they are discussing.

“We’re doing more with genetics and genomics to help you better understand how your body metabolizes certain drugs. We can now shortcut the process to get you on the right drug or identify diseases you’re more susceptible and vulnerable to based on your genetic predisposition to proactively help you manage that,” said Aberson.

He added that in health care right now, “The changes are happening extremely quickly and this conference is a great way for Sanford to collaborate with the leading minds in health care around the world. And what’s fun and humbling is Sanford Health finds itself in the front of the room helping to give presentations, not just in the back of the room taking notes.”

Photos left to right:

Dr. Stephen Herrmann (Profile by Sanford), Dr. David Pearce (Exec. VP of Innovation & Research at Sanford Health), Dr. Mehmet Oz

Manny Ohonme, (Top) Andy North – Both are members of the Sanford International Board

(L) Dr. Robin Smith – Sanford International Board and founder of The Stem for Life Foundation (R) Dr. Eckhard Alt – Oversees The Sanford Project – Sanford Health’s initiative to cure type 1 diabetes

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