How The Candidates Are Spending Their Final Day Campaigning

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The road to the run-off may be winding down, but mayoral candidates Jolene Loetscher and Paul TenHaken are doing anything but slow down. Any vote could be the swing vote.

“This is going to be an election where every single vote counts and that’s why we’re telling all of our supporters you have to get out there,” said Loetscher. “It is going to make a difference.”

KDLT caught up with Loetscher on Monday afternoon. She mingled with workers at the Smithfield factory. Many of them were starting or ending their work shifts, and Loetscher says she wanted to shake as many hands as possible to see how voters are feeling.

“We feel really, really good about tomorrow and that in the future that is coming forward for a mayor Leotscher administration,” said Loetscher.

On the last day of her memorable campaign, Loetscher is still passionate about her platform: a more transparent government, improved public transportation, and public safety.

“Those have not changed from day one all the way here to nine months later to May 1st,” said Loetscher.

KDLT also caught up with candidate Paul TenHaken. TenHaken led all candidates in votes after the first election. However, the run-off election is still a big question mark.

“I feel good,” said TenHaken. “I feel a sense of calm. I feel we’ve ran a great campaign and we talked about issues and stayed positive.”

TenHaken also met with Smithfield workers before he headed to the Downtown Rotary Club on Monday.

TenHaken says he is “still meeting with people, still shaking hands, still encouraging people to get out and vote tomorrow.”

TenHaken says they’re putting the finishing touches to a long campaign. On the last night of his campaign, TenHaken says most of the leg work is done, and now, it’s up to voters.

“You can panic and try and do all this stuff the day before an election, but the hay is in the barn is the expression,” said TenHaken.

There’s also a run-off election for a city council seat on Tuesday.

Two candidates are vying for the central district seat, which is being vacated by Michelle Erpenbach.

 Zach DeBoer says it’s important for Sioux Falls citizens to research their candidates.

 DeBoer says he will be knocking on doors and making some last-minute phone calls on Monday night. However, on election night, he wants to take a well-deserved break with his wife.

“My wife is seven and a half months pregnant and every weekend, I was kind of away from her during the day knocking on doors campaigning,” said DoBoer. “She’s also my campaign manager.”

 Curt Soehl is also campaigning for last-minute votes.      

 Soehl and his eight grandchildren are also knocking on doors and making some final phone calls to voters.  Soehl says he has knocked on 5,000 doors over the course of the campaign and he’s happy to share this journey with his family.

“You know, we started as a marathon,” said Soehl. “You had a long time to do things. Well, three weeks ago we went into a sprint because now then you’ve just got three weeks to try and touch everybody again.”

Polls are open on Tuesday from 7AM to 7 PM.

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