Polls Open For Runoff Mayoral Election; City Council

Next mayor and city council member to be decided today

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The polls are now open to decide the next mayor and city council member of Sioux Falls.

Jolene Loetscher and Paul TenHaken are the two remaining mayoral candidates and have been hitting the campaign trail hard in the weeks leading up to today’s election.

City Council member Pat Starr and former mayoral candidate Greg Jamison, endorsers of Jolene (Starr) and Paul (Jamison) met with KDLT’s Simon Floss this morning to discuss the landscape of the election, why they endorsed their candidates, and the greatest opportunity each candidate has if they are elected.

Zach DeBoer and Curt Soehl, meanwhile, square off for the central district city council position.

DeBoer urges voters to research their candidates thoroughly before casting their vote and plans to take a “well deserved break” with his wife. Soehl said he and his eight grandchildren would knock on neighbors’ doors and make some final calls to voters, and that he’s happy to experience this journey with his family.

For more information on where you can vote, click here.

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