Sanford Opens Health Quest Exhibit at Washington Pavilion

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The fourth floor of the Washington Pavilion has gotten a major makeover, to help teach kids about health science.

Health Quest by Sanford is a collection of twelve hands on exhibits. The exhibits cover wide varieties on the workings of the human body.

There is also a fit zone where kids learn what happens in their bodies when they exercise. For Sanford and the Washington Pavilion, Health Quest is all about eduction.

“And really to get their hands on it and experience first hand the great things that you’re doing in the field. But also just to educate them and have fun with it, like Darrin said. Our hope is to be an inspiration to many in the community,” said the pavilion’s Director of Exhibits, Jason Folkerts.

Organizers hope all the exhibits are a big hit with kids, but the ambulance might end up being the most popular.


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