Artists Show Off New Sculptures for 2018 SculptureWalk

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-It’s a new year of sculptures. 56 of them were installed in Downtown Sioux Falls Saturday morning for the annual SculptureWalk.

The sculptures are incredible to look at, but have you ever wondered who the artists behind the sculptures are?

Artists waited patiently to see their sculptures go up and now they’re ready to show them off to the community.

Sherri Treeby and Lee Leuning are no strangers to the Sioux Falls sculpture walk. They’ve been participating since the start and are especially excited for this years pieces for the 15th anniversary. They have two sculptures.

“Carmen Miranda, actually it’s ‘Carmen Marimba’ for the marimba drums. We love play on words,” said Leuning.

Their goal with their sculptures is to make them memorable as well as interactive.

“We want people to spend time. you know not just walk by,” said Leuning.

People are welcome to hit the drums on Carmin Murimba.

The other one is the newspaper delivery boy. They wanted it tell a story.

“Delivery boy, newspaper it’s the thing of the past but that was a huge part of Sioux Falls culture. That’s going to relate to some of the older and maybe be inspiring to some of the younger,” said Leuning.

Over the years they’ve seen the impact the sculpture walks has had downtown.

“So there’s been a lot of domino effects because of Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk. Jim Started in and now there are sculpture walks all over the country that are inspired by Sioux Falls,” said Treeby.

“It brought people downtown and they stayed,” said Leuning.

It’s also attracted out of state artists like Bruce Stillman from Minnesota.

“I thought this would be a fun piece to bring this year. I’m kind of working with the art of mirror reflection of coarse i got the idea from the big bean in Chicago,” said Stillman.

“It really is fun when you have puffer clouds or red sunset. It completely changes the sculpture and brings the sky down so it’s always a changing look to it and that’s what’s fun.”

This sculpture walk is one of his favorite art exhibitions to participate in.

“It just adds to your experience of walking downtown. a little more creativity,” said Stillman.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you may come across Bigfoot downtown. Dale Lewis is fairly new to the art world and is excited to be apart of the experience.

“I joke but it is funny because it’s kind of true, I’m 62 and finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up,” said Lewis.

Its led him to build an 8-foot Sasquatch.

“For me it’s all about entertainment and fun and I think my pieces reflects that,” said Lewis.

These are just a few of the many sculptures you can find sprinkled downtown. Many of the artists just hope people enjoy it because you can’t go just anywhere to get this kind of experience.

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