South Dakota Schools Celebrate ‘School Lunch Hero Day’

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-   Lunch is an important part of a child’s school day. School districts across South Dakota strive to serve nutritious meals, but they aren’t able to do this without the help of all their school nutrition professionals. This is why today they are honoring these people as a part of ‘School Lunch Hero Day.’

Lunch time at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Sioux Falls can be hectic as hundreds of kids shuffle through the lunch line, but after 25 years Marsha Pressler’s got it down pat. She’s the schools lead food server, but the kids know her as “the lunch lady”.

“It’s been a very fun fulfilling job,” said Marsha.

“Marsha’s an example of one of our professionals who is very dedicated, dependable, reliable, but has the attitude and joy of working with the kids,” said Joni Davis, Sioux Falls School District Child Nutrition Supervisor.

Marsha prepares the food, serves it at lunch time and cleans it all up. Over the years she’s seen her hard work pay off day after day.

“A lot of times kids go by and say ‘thank you’ and just or some of them will go by and say ‘oh yes, we’re having such and such’ and you know the excitement of the kids when they go by,” said Marsha.

“That’s a face they see everyday at lunch and so they develop that bond with her,” said Davis.

Marsha knows she’s making a difference in these kids lives.

“Kids if I’m out and about you know shopping, sometimes they’ll recognize me and say hi to me or how are you doing or this kind of thing,” said Marsha.

Those moments are so special to her.

“You know it makes you feel good that they recognize you.”

It started out as a job she took because she needed one, but it’s turned into so much more. She feels honored to be known as the lunch lady.

“I’ve really enjoyed helping to prepare lunches for the kids and I’ve enjoyed the kids, but especially the people I’ve worked with at the school and at the kitchen,” said Marsha.

This is why she is one of the JFK Elementary school nutrition heroes.

In the Sioux Falls School District there are 150 School nutrition heros who serve over 15 thousand lunches daily and 2.5 million lunches a year.


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