“No reason, no explanation. Nothing.” Old Chicago Closure Leaves Employees Jobless

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Dozens of employees at a Sioux Falls restaurant found out they were out of a job Monday morning.

Some got a call from a manager, others showed up to work to find a sign on the door saying the restaurant is closed for good.

“My boyfriend is a cook here, full time,” said Sigurborg Skaftadottir. “And he called me and said, ‘I’m out of a job.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ and he says, ‘Yeah, Old Chicago is closed, I got a voice mail from the general manager.”

Skaftadottir worked part-time as a server at Old Chicago for about three months. She says she found out through a voice mail left for her boyfriend that they’re both out a job.

“It just said that we’re closing for good. You don’t have to come back to work, ever. No reason, no explanation. Nothing.”

She’s one of about 25 employees now looking for a new job.

“Three girls started last night training. Their first day, so I can’t imagine what’s going through their head. If I started a new job and found out they closed the next day, I’d be devastated. ”

Patrons attempting to eat at the restaurant were greeted by a sign on the door, reading: “Closed. Effective May 7th, 2018. Thank you for letting us serve you.”

Skaftadottir says neither she nor her boyfriend were told by management why the business shut down but she says talk among employees point to dwindling sales and the restaurant’s lease not being renewed.

“The lease being closed, that doesn’t make sense to me. I feel like there’s more underlying reasons that haven’t surfaced yet. It was always busy when I saw it, and so the decline in sales doesn’t make sense as a reason.”

For now, Skaftadottir and her boyfriend are back on the job hunt, and patrons will have to find someplace else to eat.

Old Chicago was open for 14 years in the Empire Mall Plaza.

KDLT News reached out to the owner of the business, he has not yet responded for comment.