Excitement Builds Over Year-round E15

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-People are usually not able to fill up their tanks with E15 over the summer. Soon they might be able to as well as year-round. President Trump announced Tuesday that this change is coming. E15 is a blend of gasoline and 15 percent ethanol.

“Opens up the market. It really addresses outdated regulation that has been in place for decades because for a long time this country was reliant on one source of fuel and that was gasoline,” said Jeff Lautt, president of Poet.

Generally what’s sold is gasoline with ten percent ethanol, but biofuel company Poet is excited for the option of 15 percent ethanol yearly.

“This is clearly a trend towards doing the right thing for American produced energy, cleaner energy, alternatives to gasoline,” said Lautt.

Poet is one of the leading producers of ethanol worldwide. They say it’s more efficient than straight gasoline.

“Ethanol has a much higher octane than gasoline and so it’s a higher performing fuel even yet. It’s cleaner, so it cleans up the fuel, cleans up the air, so all around it’s better,” said Lautt.

Drivers could benefit from E15 by saving some extra bucks.

“It’s a lower cost option to consumers than straight gasoline and even a lower cost option than E10,” said Lautt.

That means possibly relieving some pain at the pump. According to AAA, gas prices in South Dakota are the highest they’ve been since 2014 with the state average at 2 dollars and 72 cents a gallon. In addition to less money spent, e15 may also give you more time between fill-ups.

“If you have a newer vehicle with modern technology, chances are you’re going to get equal or better gas mileage because the engines have been designed to handle the higher octane,” said Lautt.

Poet says farmers are happy with the idea of more ethanol because they may grow the main ingredient, corn.

“It potentially creates a demand of two billion bushels of corn,” said Lautt.

Poet says cars made today are made to handle E15. The EPA only recommends using E15 in “flex fuel” vehicles and models year 2001 and newer.

There are over one hundred gas stations in South Dakota that offer high ethanol blends.

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