Sioux Falls Businesses Report String of Thefts

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Several business owners in Sioux Falls believe they are the victims of a serial thief. They claim a young woman is responsible for stealing several wallets and spending thousands of dollars at places like walmart and walgreens.

Several stores have filed police reports and are hoping someone will recognize this woman. Businesses say they can’t believe this happened and are outraged. Revolution Yoga and Cycle Studio was one of the businesses she hit.

“A Lady was sitting in here and she was very suspicious from the get go, but you know we all know how workout class can be a little intimidating,” said owner, Braden Bradfield.

She filled out this waiver, and paid cash for a class. Once the lobby was empty, she left class early and took someone’s belongings.

“We tried calling the number, but it’s a Montreal number and was not her real phone number,” said Bradfield.

He hopes someone recognizes her.

“People come in here kind of to lose themselves for an hour, not to worry about their belongings being rummaged through,” said Bradfield.

They’re changing a few of their protocols because of this incident. They’re allowing customers to bring belongings into the rooms during workouts. As well as asking them to pay through the computer and not bring in card or money.

After she hit up Revolution where she stole someone’s wallet, she made her way down the line of the stripmall to Fringe Salon. Luckily she wasn’t able to steal anything from them.

Owner Bekah Hauert said something didn’t feel right from the start. The woman asked to use their restroom. Then she was seen waiting near the breakroom.

“Which is completely out of the way for anything anyone would need to go by,” said Hauert.

An employee approached her and she asked for hair advice. The stylist then asked for the ladies number to text her some information.

“Started giving her her phone number and then kind of retracted that after about three or more number and said ‘actually I’m going to give you a different number’ and then after about three or four numbers of that she was like ‘I can’t remember it nevermind, don’t worry about it.’ So we thought that was kind of weird,” said Hauert.

When Hauert recognized the woman in a warning post circulating on facebook she installed security cameras right away.

While police haven’t commented on this particular case they want to remind people to keep their items locked up or in a safe place. Pool season is almost here and they say that’s a time when wallet and phone theft increases.

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