The Log Cabin to Reopen

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Jerry Adams passed away in March leaving behind The Log Cabin bar. When longtime friend Dusty Foltz found out it wasn’t going to reopen he knew what he had to do.

“He was a funny guy, he was fun to hangout with and me and him became friends. I stopped and met him here about eleven years and this became my favorite place. I know he’d be happy to keep it going,” said Foltz.

“He was a great bar owner, he had the sense of humor, he had the personality. He was fun to be around. People would come in here just to listen to him make stuff up tell stories.”

Dusty always wanted to own a small bar and knows there’s no better choice than The Log Cabin.

“This is my kind of thing. A place where stories are told and jokes are told. That’s my kind of bar,” said Foltz.

Jerry kept a welcoming atmosphere that Foltz plans to continue. Jerry kept the bar open 365 days a year, so that people with nowhere to go during the holidays could have somewhere to celebrate.

“Make sure they had somewhere down here to eat and a whole day of fun,” said Foltz.

That tradition will live on.

“Our goal is to do very little upgrades. We want to keep it pretty close to how it was. One of the funny things is when I did this or when I started doing this is, I expected people to come to me with complaints and ‘you need to do this different and need to do that different,’ but the people who have come to me said ‘you need to keep this the same.’”

He still wants to cater to the night shift who have their happy hour early in the morning. He plans to be open 7 am to 2 am as many days as he can.

“I haven’t had anybody say ‘why is that place still open’ or anything like that. Everybody is very excited to be coming back in here again,” said Foltz.

Initially he was afraid people would be against the idea.

“Some people think it’s a rough place and it’s not.”

The support to reopen the bar has been overwhelming. Someone even created a ‘Save the Log Cabin’ Facebook page that has over 700 members.

“It just makes me know that we’re doing the right thing here and that people love the place,” said Foltz.

He does not know when the bar will open.Foltz Is still waiting for everything to be approved and finalized but is optimistic that it will happen soon. He’s already had to turn away customers eager to get back to the bar.


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