Mayor Mike Huether’s Last Day In Office

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – It’s eight years – nearly 3,000 days since Mayor Mike Huether was sworn into office. Monday is his very last night as Mayor of Sioux Falls – a city that he says changed his life forever.

Huether will never forget his first date with his wife Cindy 37 years ago.

“She knew at our first date at Pizza Hut that I wanted to be in public service,” said Huether. “This has been my dream, my goal, my journey, but my beautiful bride has been with me, you know, every step of the way.”

Huether says it’s always been about the thousands of people he’s met along the way. Even on his last full day as mayor, he’s still out shaking hands and making new memories.

“I love people and when you’re in this role, oh my, do you get to know people,” said Huether.

Since he stepped foot in the mayor’s office, Huether says he’s proud of everything his team worked together to accomplish. Huether says there were some challenges along the way – something he says Paul TenHaken will also face.

Now, he’s looking forward to the future with Paul TenHaken. The two have been working together for the past ten days to prep for the transition. Huether says he’ll always be there if TenHaken ever has any questions.

“I can take the hand of mayor-elect Paul and give him that firm hand shake, grab him by the shoulders, wish him well, wave to the crowd, and walk out the back door,” said Huether.

Huether is training for a half marathon in Michigan next week. However, he says his long runs aren’t just to prepare for the race, but also to process his emotions and experiences from his time in office.

“Every race that I run, everything that I do, I sprint at the end and I leave nothing left when I’m done and so tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock, I’ll know dang well that I sprinted to the end,” said Huether.

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