South Dakota Cowboy Featured in Film, “The Rider”

Brady Jandreau was told he’d never ride again after his horse stepped on his head during a rodeo in Fargo, North Dakota. That was in 2016.

But Jandreau, a cowboy from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation area of South Dakota, wasn’t ready to give up and he’s got quite a story to share of what’s happened since. Jandreau’s story hits the big screen in a Sony Pictures Classic Film that’s winning festival awards across the globe.

The film opened last Friday in Sioux Falls. It’s also currently playing in Mitchell, Kyle, and it opens next week in Rapid City, according to Jandreau.

He told KDLT on Monday in a phone interview that it’s pretty neat having the film now play here at home. Quite a few people knew what had happened to him, but many didn’t. And the outpouring of support has been incredible.

Jandreau said, “The movie leaves a lot of room for interpretation, in terms of what someone might take away from it. Each person takes home what they need from the story, it doesn’t necessarily have one theme. But if I were to pick one core message, it’s to not take things for granted, and that if you approach things with a positive attitude, typically you’ll have a positive outcome.”

He continues to improve, health-wise and quite a bit has changed for Jandreau since he filmed “The Rider”. He’s gotten married, the couple has a little girl who is now ten months old, and the three of them have traded in the rodeo circuit for the film festival circuit. He says his little girl has been on 33 horses and 37 planes in her ten short months and it’s always good though to be back home in South Dakota.

Jandreau has since, also started his own horse breeding program, Jandreau Performance Horses.

“The whole thing is truly surreal,” said Tim Jandreau, Brady’s father who lives near Chamberlain. “I never would have imagined we’d be where we’re at in million years. We feel truly blessed,” he told KDLT.

Both Brady and his dad live in the Lower Brule area.