Sports Betting Decision Lies With South Dakota Voters

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The Las Vegas sports book could be coming closer to home.

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned a 1992 law that previously banned states from allowing sports betting. Previously, Nevada was the only state where it was legal to wager bets on professional and college games.

The ruling paves the way for states like South Dakota and Iowa to open their own sports books and take bets on games.

“Obviously during big sporting events like the Kentucky Derby that just happened and like, March Madness, we always get calls like that, during those big events you know, ‘Do you have sports betting and a sports book?’ And, we don’t,” said Sharon Haselhoff, General Manager at Grand Falls Casino and Resort.

Grand Falls management is eager to get a sports book open on site as well as a mobile betting app as soon as Iowa lawmakers hammer out the details.

In South Dakota, the decision to allow sports betting lies in the hands of voters.

“Because it’s in our constitution right now that sports betting is not allowed,” said Attorney General Marty Jackley. “That constitutional amendment would go through a fairly lengthy process, including that vote by South Dakota citizens.”

According to state officials, the earliest the issue could reach the ballot through the petition process or by the State Legislature is 2020.

Should South Dakotans give sports betting the green light, lawmakers would still have to weigh in on how that gaming will be regulated.

Tribal casinos would also be given the go-ahead once the state approves.