Paul TenHaken Sworn in as Sioux Falls Mayor

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – It only took two elections and a crazy campaign season, but the city of Sioux Falls has officially filled its top spot. Paul TenHaken was sworn in as mayor Tuesday afternoon.

TenHaken says he’s excited to get to work as the city’s 32nd mayor. In a packed house at council chambers, nearly 100 people came to witness the installation ceremony.

TenHaken says he wouldn’t have believed he would be here as mayor when he was younger.

“I’ve always felt drawn to people to lead people to help people to serve people, and it’s lead me to this path as being mayor of this city, and I’m excited,” says TenHaken.

TenHaken says he mapped out a 100 day plan during his campaign, and he has a couple topics he can’t wait to tackle.

“The city budget needs to be presented to the city council in about a month, so getting my arms around the budget and what that’s going to look like is going to be important, and I’m also anxious to dive into the proposals we’ve been looking at as a city for the rail yard, and what we’re considering for that location,” says TenHaken.

TenHaken’s glad that campaigning is over and is ready to get to work. He says by working together his administration and the city council can help the city thrive for future generations.

“As mayor and city council we have the opportunity as well as the obligation to make Sioux Falls a better place when we leave office then when we find it,” says TenHaken.

The 40-year-old does not have a political background, so he asks for grace and patience of the public during his tenure.

“The mayor doesn’t dictate the direction of the city- the people do, and so I’m a very inclusive and collaborative guy, and I hope people see that,” says TenHaken.

TenHaken know there’ll be challenges ahead, but he’s most excited for the abundance of opportunities Sioux Falls contains.



The city of Sioux Falls officially has a new Mayor.

Mayor Paul TenHaken was sworn in at an installation ceremony at Carnegie Town Hall today, along with four new city councilors.

The founder and former CEO of Click Rain, a marketing technology agency in Sioux Falls, won the April run-off election against Jolene Loetscher with 63% of the votes.

City councilors Christine M. Erickson, Janet Brekke, Rick Kiley, and Curt Soehl were also sworn in at the ceremony.

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