Sioux Falls Music Company Sings Its Swan Song

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -A store that served the musical needs of Sioux Falls for nearly 80 years is closing its doors.

Sioux Falls Music Company first opened in the 1940’s. The store has been in the same family for the last four generations.

“My wife’s father-in-law, from her first marriage purchased the store in 1972 from a guy named Bob Niblick,” said Don Saxton. “Her father in law was named Keith Newcomb.”

Keith Newcomb eventually sold the business to his daughter-in-law, who later married Saxton, and they ran the store together.

“You know, we have tried for this to be home.”

But over the years, they say the way people bought – and appreciated – music changed.

“One thing is everybody just wants to sit in front of the computer and order everything, and we never really adapted to that. The other thing, people aren’t playing guitars for fun anymore. It used to be people out playing guitars for fun, and they don’t do that anymore, now they play video games.”

The decision to ultimately sell didn’t come with much anguish or regret.

“Two weeks ago I got a text from him that said, ‘Have you ever thought about selling?’ And I called Barb up and said, ‘Have you ever thought about selling?’ And she said, ‘Sure!”

Saxton says he and his wife are okay with seeing their business go because they know the new one that opens in its place will carry their same core values.

For Saxton, he won’t miss the store much because, he’s staying in it.

“I actually am going to keep working here

The new business that is opening in the space is called Riff City Guitar, out of St. Joseph, Minnesota.

It’ll open on July 3rd.

Saxton says almost everything in the store right now will be on sale until they close at the end of June.