Spoke-N-Sport Celebrating National Bike to Work Week

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – This week is National Bike to Work Week. You couldn’t have asked for better weather, so why not give it a try?

Spoke-N-Sport in Sioux Falls has hosted events before to promote with national week. They are hosting a crepe breakfast tomorrow morning to end the work week, as well as their “taco ride” tonight.

Spoke-N-Spoke says biking to work can be extremely beneficials to your productivity, and that keeping as many cars as possible off the roads makes for a healthy environment.

Plus, the city of Sioux Falls is known to be a city you can bike through.

“Years ago someone said lets put a loop around the city and they’ve done that and completed it. So, our twenty mile bike track, bike trail, is a jewel for our city. The city has done an excellent job, of, trying to find routes to expand,” said Spoke-N-Sport owner Chad Pickard.

Pickard also recommends not taking major roads such as Minnesota and Louise Avenues on bikes to work. He says taking side streets that run parallel to those roads is a much more safe and comfortable ride.