Animal Control Warns of Hot Car Dangers for Pets

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-From April 1st to May 25th there have been 45 calls made to animal control about pets left in cars. These next couple months it’s going to get even hotter. They want to remind pet owners not to leave their furry friends in vehicles.

“When animals get in temperatures that are highly elevated in even up to the low one hundred degrees they can develop heat stroke or even death within fifteen minutes,” said Sioux Falls Animal Control Officer, Missy John.

Animal control says parking in the shade or leaving windows cracked does not help very much.

“Most parking lots are going to be black asphalt and that radiates heat,so your car is turning into a oven a lot quicker than what you’d get standing outside out in the open,” said Officer John.

They advise people not to take matters into their own hands. If you see a pet in a car call animal control. Have a location and license plate number ready that way they can search it to find the owners contact information.

When animal control gets there they will assess the health of the pet and may contact a locksmith to break the dog out of the car, so they can bring it to the vet. The owner will have to pay the vet bill. They may also receive a city ordinance violation for animal cruelty, which is a $95 fine.

To keep your dog from overheating or worse, animal control says to leave them at home.

Police also want to remind people to not leave their children in hot cars as well. Since 1998 three children have died in hot cars in South Dakota, 5 in Iowa, and 6 in Minnesota.


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