Teaching Possibility When It Comes To Technology

Have you ever been curious to take apart a broken electronic but been too intimidated? Girls are encouraged to do just that as part of the latest Girls Breaker Day Event scheduled for May 26th in Sioux Falls. Learn more about the event by clicking here or watching the segment above.

Celia Nevin and her mother were both present last year and the two plan on being there again for the FREE 2018 event. Celia talks with KDLT News Today about the impact the event and others similar to it have had on her education and potential career path.

How did this all get started? Our Wired Wednesday expert Will Bushee tells us, “My daughter’s favorite tablet broke and she wanted to know if we could fix it. I said that we couldn’t but she could take it apart if she wanted to and I gave her a screwdriver. She completely disassembled it, laid out all of the parts and screws, and then put it back together. It still didn’t work but she didn’t break if any further. She thought it was pretty cool and wanted to know if I had anything else she could take apart. I brought her a tote full of old electronics and she spent 5-days taking them apart. I thought most girls would never have this opportunity so decided to host a Girls Breaker Day.”

There will be opportunities for girls to dissasemble electronics, work with CybHER robots and electronics, 4D Design + Consulting will have legos, arduinos and Raspberry Pis. Event sponsors include the Journey Group, CybHER, SDN Communication, 4D Design + Consulting, JAMs Art & Supply, Code Bootcamp, and SEAM.

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