Someone You Should Know: Small School, Big Hearts

Private school gives back with small, but meaningful gestures

SIOUX FALLS, SD – A small school in southern Sioux Falls is full of students and staff with big hearts.  As they get ready for summer break, the kids are learning one more valuable lesson.

During the final week of school at Westside Christian, students have a special assignment: write a sweet, encouraging note, which will pair quite nicely with a sweet cupcake.

At the end of every quarter, the school does a community service project.  In the past, they’ve raked leaves, made cookies and cards for anyone who they feel needs a little pick-me-up.

“We always think we have to do something big to make an impact.  But, I really believe it’s the little things that matter,” says Westside Christian School principal Brenda Hill.

They were thinking of what to do for their next project when the answer quite literally came to them.

90 cupcakes left over from graduation party donated to WCS

Hill explains, “Graduations just happened and someone asked us if we would like to have 90 cupcakes.  ‘What if we wrote notes and then actually go deliver the cupcakes around the community?’”

The cupcakes will be divvied up amongst the 24 students total at the small, private K-5 elementary school.  The kids are tasked with giving most of them away to people who are often overlooked or underappreciated.

8-year-old Ethan Prochniak is giving his to workers at the landfill.

“He said ‘Ya know, I bet being around garbage all day is kind of a hard thing,’” says Hill.

Ethan says, “They’ll feel like they have a place in life and that they’ll feel loved.”

Westside Christian is making a difference, one small gesture at a time.  They don’t do it for recognition, in fact, you’ve probably never heard of them.  The school is pretty new, it opened in 2016.  Hill likes to think of it as the best-kept secret in Sioux Falls.

It hasn’t taken long for students like Ethan to learn something very important:

“Even though you don’t know somebody doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be nice to that person.”

A lesson we could all use a reminder of now and again.

Students will hand out the cupcakes and notes Friday morning, which is the last day of school.  Parents are very involved at Westside Christian.  They’ll help the kids make their deliveries.

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