City of Sioux Falls Calls on Residents to Help Save the Big Sioux River

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Tests done on the Big Sioux River have found bacteria and other materials in the water that shouldn’t be there. Now the City of Sioux Falls is asking for the public’s help to save the river from these contaminants and restore its health.

Throughout the summer the city will hold workshops at local libraries to educate the public on how to preserve the water quality of the river.

They said not much can be done to clean it out, so they’re working on prevention. Pet waste was one of the biggest contributors to the bacteria, so city officials want to remind everyone to pick up after their pets.

They also ask people to use the car wash instead of washing their car in the driveway because all the soapy water will get into the water drain and dump straight into the river.

They want people to be mindful of anything that gets on their sidewalks or streets like weed spray. If this happens, try to sweep or remove it from the pavement so it doesn’t wash away with the rain.

“The Big Sioux River, number one for Sioux Falls is a a great area to recreate, so we want to preserve that capacity and number two it is a source of drinking water, albeit not directly it definitely has an impact on our drinking water supply,” said Sioux Falls Sustainability Technician, Troy Lambert.

Officials say water conservation is another things residents can do. At the workshop they were taught how to build their own rain barrels that can be used to water plants. This will help keep excess water from picking up contaminants and then flowing into the river.

To keep up to date on what the city is doing to help the river or to see when the next workshop will be follow the cities “Go Green” Facebook page:


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