11-Year-Old Raises $30,000 for Endangered Species with Artwork

SIOUX FALLS,S.D.- If you want to learn more about endangered species, Bria Neff is the girl to talk to.

“There are over 3,000 endangered species,”said Bria Neff.

Brias only 11, but  she doesn’t let her age hold her back from anything.

She currently has a Faces of the Endangered Art Exhibit at the Washington Pavillion to educate people about these animals. It will be there until June 10th.

She is most passionate about wolves.

“I love wolves a lot and they’re really beautiful and I don’t want them to go extinct,” said Neff.

She’s helping save them one painting at a time.  

“It was a blue wolf and it had a dream catcher for a necklace,” said Neff.

In May she donated the painting to the Wolf Conservation Center for their 1st annual NYC fundraiser.

“Her painting raised 15 thousand dollars which is incredible,” said Maggie Howell, Executive Director of the Wolf Conservation Center.

“It was the best day of my life,” said Neff.

The money will be used to help build a wolf education pavilion.

The Wolf Conservation Center has enjoyed working with Bria.

“Her energy, her spirit, her positivity, really her leadership, especially from you know a pint size advocate, she’s really an inspiration,” said Howell.

As a thank you, they invited Bria to meet some of the wolves she’s helping save.

“She finally got to hear the howl and howled with them,” said Howell.

They even even named one after her.

Bria’s now raised 30 thousand dollar for different organizations. She says it took her three years to make 15 thousand dollars and then one day to double it. She can’t wait to see how much more she can help out in the future. It’s been hard work but she wants others to know they can can do it too.

“I would like all kids to know it doesn’t matter how old you are, start with something small, do something you love and you can make a difference. We Just need to work together and believe we can do great things,” said Neff.

Bria’s also excited to announce that this week she became a “Girls with Heart” Ambassador for the clothing brand Justice.


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