Someone You Should Know: Cycling Across South Dakota

UNION CENTER, S.D. – Tonight, a group of people are traveling from one end of South Dakota to the other on two wheels. The reason why goes beyond a physical feat. KDLT’s Allison Royal caught up with the riders out west. She introduces us to someone you should know.

There’s something special about a bike ride on a sunny day. It’s an experience you can only get in a saddle – not behind the wheel.

“Biking through a beautiful state like South Dakota, you know you hear the meadow larks, you can smell the freshly cut grass, and things look different at 15, 20 mile per hour,” said Kasey Abbott, the president of RASDAK.

It’s that “special something” that nearly 200 bikers from 24 states and even Canada are chasing. They’re biking across this great state, from Sioux Falls to Hulett, Wyoming. It’s called “Ride Across South Dakota.”

Volunteers are lined up at different pit stops, like here in Howes, to add some welcoming smiles to the nearly 400 miles.

“We’re trying to help the bikers get some drink and food so they can um get some energy so they can ride their bikes a long ways,” said six-year-old Koyle.

However, many people are riding for someone rather than something.

“You carry this prayer bundle in memory of some you lost, and I wanted to share that with the other riders,” said Abbott.

Riders picked up these sage prayer bundles in Flandreau. They’re sacred to native tribes. These sage prayer bundles will later hang in Bear Butte, representing those whose ride ended too soon. For example, Kasey rides his bike in memory of his sister.

”I know she’s looking down,” Abbott said.

”I’m an oncology nurse so I thought this would be a really good rememberance for people that have passed on our unit,” said Linda Chan, a participant from Texas.

The riders push themselves to their physical limits, even if they’re tired. Then it clicks: maybe this ride isn’t about the destination, but more about the journey along the way.

This is the sixth year that bikers have completed this ride. The ride is six days long and raps up on Friday.

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