Democratic Candidate Tim Bjorkman Kicks Off Congressional Campaign

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The race to be South Dakota’s lone representative is heating up now that Republican candidate Dusty Johnson has secured his spot on the ballot, his opponent says he’s ready for Washington.

Democratic candidate Tim Bjorkman says he wants to take on “big money” and push past lobbyists in Washington. He says he will not accept special interest money.

The former circuit court judge says he’s ready to take on quote “wealthy political insiders.”

“We need members of congress who will represent all of us, and who will be a strong, independent voice for South Dakota and by independent, I mean this – independent of special interests,” said Bjorkman.

The Canistota native also wants to make healthcare more affordable, including mental health and addiction resources.

Dusty Johnson has a 12 year history in state politics. He secured nearly half of the votes in the Republican primary on Tuesday.



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