Someone You Should Know: From Hearing Loss to Helping Others Hear, Audiologist Opens New Clinic in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A new audiology clinic opened up last week in Sioux Falls. It’s called Sioux Falls Audiology Associates and their goal is to improve people’s quality of life with better hearing.

Owner Mandy Rounseville-Norgaard has a passion for helping people hear.

“You can really overcome anything you want to do regardless of if you have a hearing loss or not because hearing loss shouldn’t stop you from living a good quality of life,” said Mandy.

She’s not only an audiologist, but has hearing loss herself.

“My mom told me I was watching TV one day and she was trying to call me from the kitchen and I wasn’t responding, so she had to go up right behind me and say my name and she realized I wasn’t hearing.”

Mandy received her first hearing aid when she was three and knows how life changing they can be.

“A lot of times you’ll hear patients say ‘you don’t get it because you don’t wear hearing aids’ well I do, so I do get it. I feel like I can really help them understand how hearing aids work, how to adapt to them and what to expect for them,” said Mandy.

It’s something that’s foreign to many people. Seeing one in her ear has made some clients more comfortable with the idea of wearing one themselves.

“Having somebody who’s had them her whole life and being able to see how much it’s helped her function, it’s reassuring that it’s going to be a great opportunity for me too,” said client, Tim Wakefield.

Technology has come a long way since Mandy was younger. She’s excited to share the new advances with others, and experience them herself like being able to control the loudness of hearing aids through smart phones.

Mandy says growing up with hearing loss had its challenges.

“It was tough. You know playing sports was always a challenge, swimming with my friends was always a challenge even playing whisper games with your friends when you are little.”

However, she did have great audiologists who helped her on her journey and now she’s ready to do the same for others.

If you’ve ever wondered about your hearing, her clinic is offering free hearing screenings in June. They’ll also clean and check hearing aids for free.


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