Sidewalk Construction Causing Traffic Backups on Sioux Falls’ Busiest Streets

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Unfortunately, our long winters can do a lot of damage to our roadways, but sometimes it isn’t just the roadways that need repairing.

You may have noticed the traffic backups at 41st and Kiwanis Avenue, but those lane closures are actually for the sidewalks. Making them more wheelchair friendly according to ADA compliance regulations.

“They’re replacing everything to bring it up to current standards, so, that’s the overall goal of the project,” says ADA accessible projects manager Dustin Posten.

41st and Kiwanis Avenue just happens to be a rough spot where it needed to be done.

“A lot of people use that to get over to Louise Avenue and the shopping districts and so it really depends which way they’re coming from, if possible, you know, the use of the interstates would be great,” says Posten.

A similar project will happen at 41st and Minnesota Avenue, an even busier intersection. However, traffic is still expected to move relatively smooth, due to the city’s ability to change signal times on the spot, and as needed.

“Before the new technology sometimes it took longer so it took us, you know, we couldn’t respond as quickly, not all of them were equipped with cameras, so, it helps, yeah it makes things move faster,” says Posten.

Luckily, some businesses in the area, like Haegals, have not seen a negative impact.

“We’re noticing a lot more traffic on the side streets, people trying to jump ship and get off of 41st Street. We notice it in that aspect, but it’s definitely still able to do business as usual,” says Haegles’ owner Pat Jackson.

The city is just asking that you keep a couple things in mind.

“We’re doing the best we can, obviously anytime you restrict a busy road like that there are delays, and we just ask for folks patience as they drive through it,” says Posten.

The work at 41st and Kiwanis Avenue is expected to wrap up next week. Crews will then shift to the 41st and Westport Avenue intersection before moving to 41st and Minnesota Avenue.