Democrats Feeling Confident at South Dakota State Convention

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Candidates and political enthusiasts from across the state gathered in Sioux Falls for the South Dakota Democratic Convention. Party leaders say they are confident about this year’s races in what is generally a red state.

Democratic leaders are making bold predictions this election season.

“2018 will be historic for South Dakota Democrats and we are going to follow a lot of the trends that have happened in other red states across the United States,” said Democratic Party Chair, Ann Tornberg.

Tornberg says they’re starting off strong setting a record at the state convention with 230 delegates from 52 counties.

“You can see the excitement in that room from so many different people, so many different constituencies that are represented in the room, we have delegates here from all over the great state of South Dakota,” said Tornberg.

Spirits are especially high for candidates like billie sutton, who’s running for governor.

“He speaks to people all through this state no matter political affiliation,” said Tornberg.

As well as candidate tim bjorkman for us house. Both men are drawing volunteers from every corner of the state.

“Hundreds, thousand really of people are already on our radar who want to knock on doors make calls and contact voters in the state of South Dakota,” said Tornberg.

“We do see some enthusiasm that really exceeds our expectations and we think people are very hungry for change and they’re not all of one party, they’re democrats, independents and yes they are republican,” said Democratic U.S. House Candidate, Tim Bjorkman.

There’s a common theme among democratic candidates like Bjorkman and Randy Seiler who was chosen at the convention to run for state attorney general.

They’re urging people to look beyond political parties and vote for the best candidate.

“I’ve spent years getting ready for this moment and I am confident that I am the most qualified candidate in the race, I’m confident that I can win this race,” said Seiler.

Also, no matter what your party affiliation is, do you research first.

The South Dakota Republican Party State Convention will be held next week, Wednesday through Saturday, in Pierre.



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