Tea Firefighters Fill The Boot at Teapot Days Parade

TEA, S.D.-  The past few days residents of Tea have celebrated Teapots Days, which is a community celebration held June 13th-June 16th.

June 16th was the big parade. Many businesses rode in the parade including the Tea Fire Department.  For several years they’ve been showing support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association by holding a boot drive.

During the parade cadets carried around firefighter boots and asked people to leave cash donations. The proceeds are used to help find treatments and cures for Muscular Dystrophy.

“Seventy-three cents of every dollar stays here, goes towards finding a cure and assisting with shots to help these people make their lives a little easier and that’s kind of what the fire department is, you know we don’t like to see anyone struggle. We like to make their day a little better,” said Steven Oberle, First Assistant Chief.

Last year they raised nearly a thousand dollars. If you are interested in donating go to https://www.mda.org/


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