Aberdeen Post Office Works Around Flooding

ABERDEEN, S.D. – People in Aberdeen are experiencing some challenges with snail mail. For the first time, the Aberdeen Post Office flooded over the weekend. KDLT’s Allison Royal explains why employees aren’t not letting water dampen the mood.

The post office is a familar staple of any town. It’s a place where you can pay your bills or send a thank you note to Grandma.

However, postal service workers are adding some new booties to their signature uniform. That’s because the Aberdeen Post Office flooded.

For environmental safety reasons, the public isn’t allowed inside the building for now.

So, what are you supposed to do when you have mail?

“Over 20 some years I’ve been getting mail and there’s never been a reason that I couldn’t pick it up from the box,” said Michelle Everson, an Aberdeen resident.

Employees found themselves in six to eight inches of water.

It’s all thanks to a water main break. Water came up through the cement and pillars of the building.

“Shock, really,” said Trevor Lehfeldt, the Manager of Field Maintenance in the Dakota District. “I understand a water main break but I didn’t expect the extent of the damage it actually caused.”

Fortunately, no one is hurt, and no mail was destroyed. Lehfeldt says it’s mainly the floor that’s taken a beating. The cost of the damage is currently unknown.

It’s been the biggest inconvenience for the 700 people with P.O. boxes. P.O. boxes have been off limits unless it’s an emergency, like to pick up medicine.

“Picking it up out of my P.O. box was a little stressful not having it, but they’re doing what they can,” said Everson.

It could take weeks to clean up the mud and debris, but Lehfeldt says here in Aberdeen, it’s business as usual.

“It’s slowed us down in the process but hasn’t stopped,” said Lehfeldt.

Engineers are on site working to get the building back in tip-top shape.

Tents are expected to go up sometime for precuationary reasons in case it’s not safe for workers to be inside the building later on. Two mobile units are also on their way to take the operation outside. This way, Aberdeen customers can access their P.O. Boxes.


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