Someone You Should Know: Hey There, Delilah

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – They say a dog is “man’s best friend.” Well tonight, a Sioux Falls four-legged friend is looking for her best friend. Delilah is the complete package – sweet, smart, and cuddly – but she’s had a rough start.

Now, she is officially the longest staying dog at the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue, after being there for three and a half years. However, there’s still hope that Delilah could finally experience what it’s like to have a family in her golden years.

“She has such a smooshy face,” said Brittany Snyders from the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue. “I think she has a really smooshy face like it just looks like really like sweet and soft and gentle and she is, she has kind of like a relaxed look about her face. She just wants to love you.”

It’s hard to believe how kindhearted and forgiving Delilah is after her rough past. Three and a half years ago, the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue found a much different-looking Delilah. After neglect, she needed emergency ear surgery and even more importantly, lots of love.

“She’s super friendly,” said Snyders. “She loves everybody.”

Delilah is now a tail-wagging nine-year-old: the perfect middle-aged companion with a few party tricks.

“She’s a super laid back adult that would be amazing for somebody that wants a more chill dog in their household, not a puppy that’s bouncing off the walls,” said Snyders.

Although Delilah is the complete package, she comes with medical bills that hold her back from her happy ending. Between medications and special food, she has some health issues and allergies that would cost her owner about $200 dollars total a month.

Three and a half years later, Delilah is positive that someone believes she’s worth the extra cash. Now, the SEPR is counting down the days until Delilah finally finds that forever family.

“Everybody’s on a high and we’re so excited and it kind of gives you, it gives you momentum,” said Snyders. “It’s why we do this.”

Delilah would be best in a home where she’s the only dog, but there could be some possible exceptions if you have lots of dog experience. If you’re interested adding Delilah to your family, contact the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue.

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