Flooding Causes Issues for Residents in Rock Rapids

ROCK RAPIDS, IA- In northwest Iowa, Lyon county has received the brunt of the rainfall with the city of Rock Rapids experiencing the serious flooding. They’ve received almost five inches of rain within the past 48 hours.

Parks and farmland were submerged in water due to flooding from the rock river. It rose more than 18 inches barely missing major flooding status.

Now it’s starting to go down and experts say the river should return to normal by the end of this weekend. However, residents in Rock Rapids are still dealing with issues caused from flooding and are hoping the rain stops soon.

“For many people this is a real problem, there’s some flooded basements, sewer backups, our sewer system is overrun,” said resident George Schneidermann.

The towns sanitation sewer is full, so the city is asking residents to refrain from doing activities like laundry that use up water.

In some neighborhoods flooding has occurred and  neighbors are trying to get ahead of the storm. One resident has taken wood and started to board up his window so he can keep water from getting in. Others were out draining their sump pumps to keep the water from building up in their basement. However, some didn’t have time to prepare, they had to act fast to keep things from getting worse. One family was removing all the furniture they could from their basement before it was destroyed by water.

“It’s different for some reason this rain fall because everybody it seems like is reporting water in the basement,” said Arden Kopischke, Lyon County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Many rural roads in Rock Rapids were shut down due to water flowing over them.

“We always have the fear of people driving through and not being a road underneath it,” said Kopischke.

The city also estimates there will be a lot of road damage, which they will not be able to asses until the water goes down.


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