Marion Farmer Hurries to Help Calves from Flood Water

MARION, S.D. — Farmers are also feeling the effects of all this rain. Corn and soybean farmers are keeping a close eye on their fields.

We caught up with couple who raise dairy cattle near Marion who are dealing with a challenge of their own trying to save their calves from the rising water.

“We’ve never had this ever. Where we flood like this? No,” says Dairy Farmer Brandy Lima.

Lima is a dairy farmer in Marion. She says her family woke up to this scene in their front yard.

300 calves are currently housed in huts on their dairy farm. They’ve been spending the day moving and re-bedding them on a dry area of the farm.

“You can see their bedding is just floating,” says Lima.

Nearly five inches of rain poured in less than 12 hours.

For some perspective, none of this water was here last night, and it’s already flooded over a hundred calf huts

Lima says they’ve never seen anything like this before, but the rain isn’t dampening their spirits.

“It’s just another day on the job, definitely. I mean basically if you’re a farmer that’s what life is, you work through it, and you keep going you don’t have anyone to complain too,” says Lima.

Lima says fortunately they haven’t lost any of the calves with the flooding, but the 12 hour of damage has a cost.

“For the next three days we’ll have 14, 15 hour days just keep going until all your calves are dry, all your calves are fed, all your calves are not sick,” says Lima.

The 39 year old says it’s also been entertaining trying to get the calves moved.

“Some of them just want to keep going back into their old calf hut again, and we had to pry them out, and be like come on let’s go to dry land,” says Lima.

While it’s still early to tell the damage the family is taking it in stride.

“There’s not any time to be frustrated. This is something you can’t control,” says Lima.

The Lima’s say they talked with one of their neighbors who also houses calves. He says he had flooding but not as much as the Lima’s.

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