Centerville Farmer Reacts To Flooding Damages

CENTERVILLE, S.D. — Mother Nature continues to bring challenges to those across the Sioux Empire.

A farmer in Centerville is trying to salvage what’s left of his crops as he waits for the flooding to lower.

“Oh it’s sad. You know all the work and effort that you put into raising a crop, and to have this happen. It’s never a fun feeling,” says Craig Andersen.

Craig Andersen is a farmer in Centerville. He says they received more than 8 inches of rain over four days.

“You try and stay in good spirits because you know there was nothing you could do to stop it the water was going to come no matter what when it rains like that,” says Andersen.

Andersen grows soybeans and corn. He says more than 400 of his acres are damaged, and combined with his neighbors nearly 6,000 acres at the Turner and Lincoln County intersection which is costing up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

“Where the water is going to sit and there won’t be much crop on it anymore your yields are pretty much going to be zero. It’s the federal crop insurance that is going to be our income for the year,” says Andersen.

The 57 year old farmer says dealing with flooding is nothing new.

“It seems like we’ve had it about a bit as much as we’ve had good years anymore,” says Andersen.

While the rain has stopped for now, the farmers are still awaiting the water crest.

“Within another day or two the corn tops that you see right here will probably be under water the whole way,” says Andersen.

Andersen says it’s also too late in the season to replant any crops, but they can still act.

“We might be able to go in and put some millet in for feed later on, but we’ll just see how well it dries out, and how much damage it is afterwards,” says Andersen.

It’s also not just the crops that the farmers are worried about.

“With the neighbors right now we’ve been concerned about the gravel roads that there’s water on, and a lot of it had been running fairly fast over it. Also we have a lot of repair just on the roads and stuff,” says Andersen.

Andersen says there are numerous dikes along the river south of Centerville that will also need repairing.

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