State GOP Excited for Election Season

PIERRE, S.D. –  Last week, South Dakota’s Democrats selected the nominees voters will find on the ballot this fall. This week, people are gathering in Pierre for the State GOP Convention. There’s a lot of excitement from State Republicans for this year’s election.

“Obviously every election is important but in this one we have to look at how we’re going to run the state for the next four years, and we need the best leadership we can get so obviously this is the most important election,” said Dan Lederman, party chair.

Lederman says this is the biggest turnout they’ve seen at a convention. Tomorrow they plan to have 500 delegates voting, which would be a record. One reason he thinks people are engaged is because of this year’s potential candidates.

Lt. Governor Candidate Larry Rhoden says he’s excited about Kristi Noem’s candidacy and about being her running mate.

“She’s laid out a very conservative type platform of the four pillars of protection that all mesh extremely well with the platform,” said Rhoden.

While Dusty Johnson is excited about his own nomination to the US House, he’s also hopeful for the Noem-Rhoden candidacies.

“Kristi Noem has got a bold vision. This is a lady who knows how to make bold progress. People are pretty excited about getting her into the governor’s mansion. They’re excited about Larry Rhoden. this guy has a track record of being an effective legislator. He’s going to be a great lt. Governor,” said Johnson.

The theme repeated throughout the party during the convention today was ‘unity.”

“Republicans have been growing and if we can keep that trend going and unify our base we will win in november,” said Lederman.

Tomorrow, June 23 delegates are expected to officially vote on nominees.


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