New Bear Exhibit Opens at Great Plains Zoo

There are four new furry creatures waiting for visitors to see them at the Great Plains Zoo. On June 23rd the Fortress of the Bears Exhibit opened featuring four brown bear cubs from southeast Alaska. People can watch them play in their new habitat that includes a pond, meadow and grizzly hill with dig boxes.

This is an interactive exhibit. Not only can people watch the cubs, but they can learn more about them. There’s a playground, a kids dig box and a field research station.

The zoo says they are continuously working on new projects not only to make the experience better for the animals but for their visitors as well.

“The line was out the door to Kiwanis Avenue this morning. We had people camping in lawn chairs waiting to get in to see the new bears, so it was really fun to welcome a huge throng of people to the grand opening,” said Elizabeth Whealy, President of Great Plains Zoo.

There are also a lot of photo opportunities. They have a bear statue, alaskan art and totem poles surrounding the exhibit.


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