Yoga Enthusiasts Gather for Yoachella

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.– The Strawbale Winery was a relaxing place to be on June 23rd as it was transformed into a hub for yoga enthusiasts to meditate and do yoga.

People enjoyed their time outdoors by finding their zen at Yoachella, Sioux Falls’ first ever yoga festival.

“Everybody’s always like, oh I should do yoga’ and it’s like yeah you should,” said Yoga Instructor Kendra Brouwer.

Since the yoga community in Sioux Falls and across South Dakota is growing, they wanted everyone to be able to enjoy yoga together.

“Yoga’s the science of kind of bringing the human being back into connection with mind, body and spirit, and helping you sort of work through the noise of your life and find that clarity within and once you connect in a space that has that clarity and your friends are in that space it’s just a group of uplifting people,” said Brooke Leonard, event organizer.

It’s also a benefit to raise money to donate to TNT Healing in honor of Tessa Jacobs, a fellow yoga friend that passed away earlier this year.

“She’s part of this community you know and this is just people coming together to continue what she wanted to, which is to teach people,” said Leonard.

Classes were taught throughout the day teaching all different kinds of yoga like acroyoga and strengthening yoga. They also meditated. Anyone was invited to come out to Yoachella. There were beginners, experts and even kids.

“Because everybody really can do yoga, you just have to find the kind that works for you, speaks to your body,” said yoga instructor Megan Nelson.

“As a young mom of two kids it’s a easy way for me to just find my calm quiet place because I don’t get a lot of that as a stay-at-home mom, so its a great way for me to relax and kind of re-center and find, find my own little qua,” said Emily Smith, one of the yoga participants.

They hope people came away from the event feeling at peace as there goal was to show people yoga is more than just working out.

“Yoga really is a practice of just being a good human and sharing love and showing love,” said Brouwer.

If you missed out on this yoga festival there will be another one called High Vibe held in Omaha, Nebraska on August 11th. Click here for more information and to sign up:

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