Rock Valley Gears Up For More Flooding

ROCK VALLEY, I.A. – A travel ban has been lifted for Rock Valley, Iowa after experiencing back-to-back floods in just one weekend. However, residents may not be out of the woods yet. With a rainy forecast glooming over the town, flooding is still a mayor problem.

As the relentless rain pounds the pavement, floods are taking over the town. It has emergency responders singing, “rain, rain: go away”

“You get to the point where you almost think you’re in the clear and then boom- then the rains come,” said Tom Vanmaamen, a Rock Valley City Administrator.

”It is [has] been stressful,” said Joe Miller, the city’s emergency manager. “ It is [has] definitely been an undertaking. We just want it to quit raining.”

At one point on Sunday, the city says it received two inches of rain in less than 30 minutes. Water backed up to sidewalks and homes. The secret weapon is pumps. Now any rain that gathers on the north end of town here has be mechanically pumped.

With a second flood coming, Rock Valley called for help. Neighboring towns, like Sioux Center, lent pumps to the Rock Valley Fire Department.

Then they pump all that flood water down to Rock River. However, this isn’t the first time that Rock Valley has experienced a major flood.

It’s been like Déjà Vu for emergency responders. Almost exactly four years ago, many Rock Valley residents lost their homes in a flood.

“There’s definitely been some similarities, but this has been kind of a different animal,” said Miller.

Emergency responders are trying to keep their spirits up as the rain pours down. They’re just hoping that after the rain, comes a rainbow.

“We’ll keep fighting,” said Vanmaamen. “We’ll figure it out, you know, battle by battle how we move forward so, but we also pray that we can see an end to this at some point, too.”

According to the city office, more than 400 people have volunteered so far to help. Some businesses even served free lunch to people affected by the flood.

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