Chapel Car Emmanuel Sign Named a Historical Landmark

MADISON, SD-  Prairie Village in Madison welcomed a new landmark on Sunday afternoon.

The historic town dedicated the new sign of the Chapel Car “Emmanuel.”  Emmanuel is only 1 of 13 Chapel Cars total in the United States.  The purpose of the Chapel Cars was to bring church services to the people of the American Frontier.  The towns were considered “wild, lawless places,” and church services did not exist.  These train cars changed that.

The 125 year old car was one of two Baptist cars built.  The Manager of the Prairie Village,  Faron Wahl could not be any prouder having this piece of history in South Dakota.  “This Chapel Car is literally probably one of the most rare things we have and what we can offer at Prairie Village. It’s really incredible that it survived after its years of service and that we have it here and it’s restored.”

Emmanuel is only opened to the public during special occasions due to it’s historical value in South Dakota and U.S History.

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