Baggage Claim Construction Project Underway at Sioux Falls Regional Airport

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A $5.5 million construction project is underway at Sioux Falls Regional Airport, but passengers may not notice much interruption during their visits.

The multi-phase construction project will double the space in the baggage claim area and expand the volume of bags that can be circulated.

Construction began this week on the outdoor parts of the facility. Work will begin on the indoor area of baggage claim in November. That’s when officials say you could expect a few disruptions.

“It’s a multiphase project so we can keep the airport open, we can keep the baggage claim area open, so its going to take about a year to get it all completely finished. So just some patience with us over the next six to ten months,” said Sioux Falls Regional Airport Executive Director Dan Letellier.

The project also includes relocating the airport’s sanitary sewer lift station, which is outdated and undersized.

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