South Dakota Supreme Court Gains a New Member

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — South Dakota’s highest court has a new member. Justice Mark Salter was sworn in Monday at the Washington pavilion.

It’s a unique job. One of 5 seats on the bench for a supreme court that has only seen 51 different justices since it formed in 1889.

From judge to justice, it’s an accomplishment that he’s deeply honored for, but never imagined would happen.

“The answer is no, but I’ve been very lucky and very fortunate that at different times I was able to continue my public service, and in different ways, so this is really wonderful, and I’m really grateful,” says Salter.

A couple hundred people packed the room for the ceremony including members of the Supreme Court and judicial circuit.

“So Judge Salter this is your day, but it’s also a day for each and every citizen of the state out South Dakota, so on behalf of Justice Zinter, Justice Kern Justice Jensen and I welcome,” says Chief Justice David Gilbertson.

Salter’s resume includes time as a circuit judge, Navy reserve and Turner County Deputy State’s Attorney.

Governor Dennis Daugaard appointed Salter in May after rave reviews.

“It was really very unusual to have so many glowing answers about to questions about Justice Salter, and that was one thing that really stood out about him,” says Gov. Daugaard.

While the new role brings plenty of excitement there are still aspects of the circuit court that the 49-year-old Salter will miss.

“I’m looking forward to the collegial members of the supreme court because I know they’re a very good group and very friendly as well. There are fewer of them and you see them less often, so in some ways I’ll miss the comradery,” says Salter.

As he transitions into this new role and his title changes, Salter says his excitement to continue serving South Dakota remains steady.

In case you’re wondering about the bow ties, Justice Salter says he’s bringing them with him to the Supreme Court.

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