Starbucks, MacKenzie River Pizza Ditch Straws to Reduce Plastic Waste

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Plastic straws at Starbucks will soon be a thing of the past.

The company plans to eventually replace them with biodegradable options in an effort to reduce plastic waste.

That’s also a goal of downtown Sioux Falls Restaurant MacKenzie River.

“We engage in a program called ‘Straws Upon Request, in an effort to eliminate waste going into landfills,” said Mike McGreevy, Regional Manager for Glacier Restaurant Group.

Straws are offered if a patron asks, but servers won’t automatically deliver them with a drink.

“Most of our guests are very amicable to not utilizing a straw,” said McGreevy. “Some would love a straw and we absolutely comply with that and get people straws when they want them. But we’re trying to chip in and do our part.”

It can be easy to skip the plastic and go more Eco-friendly while dining out.

But what more could we be doing at home?

“A lot of the communities don’t accept plastic bags in the single stream, but Sioux Falls is one of the communities that does so you can recycle your plastic bags like your grocery bags, the plastic wrap around your tissue paper, any type of that plastic wrap material,” said Marissa Begley with Millennium Recycling in Sioux Falls.

Everything from plastic bottles, jugs and containers, Steel, tin and aluminum cans, Cardboard, cartons and glass can also be recycled with Millennium Recycling.

With newly-implemented single stream recycling programs, all these items can be sent off together without having to separate them, making the decision to recycle an easy and impactful one.

“It promotes the economy because we’re creating jobs and we’re putting materials back into the marketplace, we’re also reducing energy use, and then of course the environment that everyone associates with recycling, we’re reducing pollution and helping the environment about.”

More information about what can and can’t be recycled can be found here:

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