Meet Author of Book in Tom Hanks’ South Dakota Tweet

Highlights Sioux Falls' economy & culture in newly-released book

A tweet Tuesday morning from actor Tom Hanks is creating excitement among South Dakotans.

On Twitter, Hanks recommended the book Our Towns.  His tweet says “The most optimistic stories about America…” and “…May move to Sioux Falls, at least visit. Rapid City, too!”

Our Towns co-author James Fallows

We tracked down one of the authors of the new book, James Fallows, who lives in Washington, D.C., but is on the road right now in San Diego, California with his wife and co-author, Deborah Fallows.  The very first chapter is about Sioux Falls.  The authors visited in 2013 and were impressed with the city’s booming economy and diverse culture.  But, James says the tweet was a total surprise.

“We had no idea that he was anywhere in the same force field as our book.  So, we were very delighted to have him read this, to notice it and to get the right message, which was there’s a lot of interesting stuff happening all around the country,” Fallows explains.

While in the Sioux Falls area, Fallows and his wife visited places like Raven Industries and EROS.  He says the city is so different from what people across the nation likely expect from someplace in the prairie, highlighting that the city is a financial hub and has a major medical industry.  They look forward to visiting again someday.

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