DWU Football Finds Ways to Stay Cool During the Summer

MITCHELL, S.D.-   While many people stayed close to the air conditioner, it didn’t stop some athletes from practicing outdoors. Around 70 high schoolers from across the region attended the DWU Football Prospect Camp in Mitchell on Wednesday, July 11th.

The sun was out in full force, but so were the football players. They didn’t let the heat ruin camp. Plus, Dakota Wesleyan University Head Football Coach, Ross Cimpl made sure they were prepared.

“The weather is always a concern. I mean unfortunately we can’t control it, but obviously there’s precautions and things we want to be taking you know to prevent any type of injury whether that’s heat or anything else,” said Cimpl.

If something does happen, they have trainers ready to take action. However, they hope it won’t come to that.

Coach Cimpl placed water coolers all across the field, so players didn’t get dehydrated.

“There safety is obviously priority number one and we’ve got to take care of them,” said Cimpl

He also monitored what they ate, how much and when they ate.

“You know a lot of the nutrition stuff is things that I know highschool kids when I was a highschool kid I didn’t focus on it and that’s a big thing in terms of you know getting your body back to where it needs to be,” said Cimpl.

The camp ran from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. To keep the athletes from practicing outside the entire time, some of their practices and breaks were Indoors where there was air-conditioning.

“Ideally we want to be out here and able to sit out the majority of the time and get a lot of things done at one time, but it’s just not beneficial for anybody. You know we don’t want to run kids down, we don’t want to get anyone hurt you know. So for us to accommodate it like that, fortunately we have the facilities to do that,” said Cimpl.

Football players could be in shorts and t-shirts most of the practice and only used pads for specific training.

These changes aren’t ideal, but is something Cimpl says they have to do.

“It’s those types of things that you have to do. We are short in some of our contact stuff with guys because again we want it to be beneficial for the students to athletes and we want them to get something out of it, but on the other end they need to be healthy at the end of the day.”

Even with the heat, coaches say players were still able to receive valuable practice time. The university was a winner too, getting several players to sign commitments to play for the Tigers in the future.


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