Sioux Falls Animal Control Warns of Humidity Dangers for Pets

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls’ Spencer Dog Park was pretty quiet today, and experts say that’s a good sign.

Animal Control officers in Sioux Falls are having a busy work day. Officers say the humidity is dangerous for dogs.

Days when the humidity is high is not a bad day to skip the dog park. However, if your pet needs some exercise, try taking them somewhere shady in the early morning or late evening.

“Dogs unfortunately don’t have the ability to sweat, like what we do, so they pant heavily and you can imagine wearing a big coat, especially some of the thicker hair dogs, the heat can really intensify,” said Animal Control Officer Missy John.

Animal Control recommends leaving your pet in an air conditioned home with “an endless supply of water.”

Additionally, experts say not to leave your pet in the car, even if the air conditioning is on. Animal Control says they often respond to calls where the car’s air conditioning times out, and the result can be devastating.


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