Someone You Should Know: K-BACK FM’s ‘Crash’

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – His is a voice you should know, ‘Crash’ from K-BACK FM has been on the air for decades but if you haven’t seen him in a while you might not recognize him.

‘Crash’ has recently placed an importance on his health after two years ago, he nearly lost his life.

“I was on the air June 21st of 2016 and I could not keep my eyes open. My head was against the microphone for many of our breaks that morning and my morning show partner Beth at the time went and got the station general manager and said, ‘we’ve got to do something, somethings really wrong with crash,'” said Crash.

He thought he was just tired. The Sioux Falls radio legend was working 70-80 hours a week for a new business. He was also going through a rough separation and eventual divorce from his wife at the time but deep down, Crash knew it was something worse.

“In the back of my head I knew that it was diabetes. I was having all the typical signs. I was thirsty all the time. I was drinking nearly 3 to 4 gallons of liquid a day. Everything tasted salty except for fruit, which I later found out has natural sugars,” said Crash.

Crash’s co-host and general manager rushed him to the emergency room, a trip that saved his life. His doctor told him that his blood sugar was the highest he’d seen in someone who wasn’t dead or in a diabetic coma.

Normal blood sugar levels range from 70 to 100. Crashes was 169. A normal hemoglobin or A-1-C level for adults is 5.4. Crashes was 16.4.

“They told me that I was lucky to be alive. Then, I realized all the things that make life worth living,” said Crash.

His doctors told him that once he started taking insulin he’d likely have to take it the rest of his life, but Crash vowed that wouldn’t be him.

“I quit pop. I changed my diet completely. I started walking almost immediately and espiecally by the spring, got out and started walking everyday. Of course, being a heavy individual, it wasn’t easy. It was a few blocks at a time,” said Crash.

He continued to eat right, walk, and exercise and not even a year later, he was practically a new person.

“Within 9 months of the ‘big crash’ as it were, I had gotten my A-1-C from 16.4 down to 5.15. I got my blood sugars from about twelve hundred town to about ninety eight.”

Since then, Crash walks nearly 6 miles a day, has lost 140 pounds, and no longer uses the insulin shot. His message of health has motivated hundreds on social media, and even those closest to him.

“I think I’m now happier and healthier than I’ve been in the last 2 decades.”

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